Restorative Justice Practices and Relationships in 3 Rural High School[POWERPOINT FILE]

Navajo Employee Nutrition Project (Twin Arrows Casino)[POWERPOINT FILE]

Examining Perpectives of Researches Regarding Genetic Research on the Navajo Nation[POWERPOINT FILE]

Examining School Wellness Policies & Practices in Navajo Nation Schools: A Pilot Descriptive Study[POWERPOINT FILE]

Asdzaan Be'eena': Female Pathways

Insights on Consumption of Mutton in Two Communities in Cameron and Cove, Arizona on the Navajo Nation

Navajo Native American Research Center for Health: An Academic Partnership in Workshop Capacity Building

Dine Teachings and Public Health Students Informing Peers and Relatives about Vaccine Education (RAVE)

Thinking Zinc: A study of Zinc Supplements on the Navajo Nation

Dineh Project, Project Year 2021-2022, Annual Report covering the period July 21, 2021 to July 20, 2022

NACP Pilot: Advancing Liver Cancer Prevention for Arizona American Indian Communities[POWERPOINT FILE]

NNR-21-417: Final Report and Dissemination Plan[POWERPOINT FILE]

Project Lets Talk Code

Perspectives on Genetic Research: Results from a survey of Navajo Community Members

The Transformative Influence of Stories in the Lives of Navajo Women: A Narrative Inquiry

Longitudinal Study of Carcinogenic Metals in Navajo Children from the Navajo Birth Cohort Study[POWERPOINT FILE]

Careers Development in the Transportation Sector for the Native American Population[POWERPOINT FILE]

Applying Contextual Engineering to Engineering Needs for Broadway Gap Chapter in the Areas of Water and Energy

Evaluation of Azhe'e Bidziil (Strong Fathers) Program: Improving Outcomes Among Rural Fathers and their Families

Relationship Between Food Insecurity and a Gestational Diabetes Risk Reduction Intervention


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